Do I need Identification?

Almost all shows at black buzzard are 21+, so Anyone coming to the club must have their ID ready and present it to the door person upon entry.

Where you at?

1624 Market St. Denver, CO 80202


is the black buzzard ada compliant?

The Black Buzzard is accessible. The elevator does require a key fob to enter the venue. Please contact the restaurant for assistance utilizing the elevator to enter the venue.

Where do I get tickets?

All tickets are sold through our website in advance, or you can purchase them at the door with cash or credit card.

Is there re-entry?

Yep, if you're over 21, come and go as you want. 

Can I bring my camera in with me?

You can bring in point & shoot cameras if you want, but no dslr/slr or professional cameras unless the band or venue has given you permission and you have a pass to do so.

Where can i sit?

pretty much all shows are general admission, standing room only, but there are some bar tables and stools that are first come, first serve.

Can I smoke inside?

nah, you can't. Have you been to any shows in colorado that you could do that? take it outside and you can come on back in when you're done. Also no vaping in the venue.

are there refunds?

sorry, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled.

what happens if my show gets cancelled or postponed?

if your show gets cancelled, the card you purchased tickets with will be refunded within one week. If the show gets postponed, you can either get a refund or use the tickets you already bought on the rescheduled date. Your call hombre.